DJ Suspect Zero to perform at The Underworld

Our good friend and fellow DJ Suspect Zero will be performing at The Press Room on January 24th for The Underworld feat KUTSKI  It's going to be an adventurous evening, here's the description from the press!

You will begin your descent in the progressive, melodic paradise of the Elysian Fields, a garden of transcendence and light where your mortal burdens may be forgotten. As you delve deeper, you will find yourself immersed in the synthetic chords of the Asphodel Meadows, where your fertile mind may expand and play amongst the masses of fellow travelers. Finally, your descent will bring you to the bone crushing BASS of Tartarus, the final destination where only the true revelers of dark, dirty UNDERGROUND music may dwell.

We’ve been here for years. Now let us guide you through the UNDERWORLD.

For more info on tickets please click on link: